light with high color rendering

We develop and produce high CRI modules and luminaires for universal applications in:

  • museums,
  • retail,
  • film and photographic studios,
  • medical engineering,
  • printing companys.


we provide highest CRI solutions with affordable costs

Basically CRI means to us that we do not care about anything less than CRI90.


Most of our efforts we actually have on light with the critical R9 (saturated red) and R12 (saturated blue) values to achieve almost full spectral light.

Without red and blue the light source only illumates. Whenever you aim at full spectrum R9 and R12 matters! 

The best results are at CRI98 with R9 and R12 above 95 each. This is what we call 'VHC' = very high CRI.

Any light source that does not fullfill the criteria to be used in VHC lamps and luminaires is being selected into 'HC high CRI' category.

The third rank is standard CRI.



products and services

We provide modules with high CRI smd LEDs or COB´s and fully assembled luminaires as well.

Any of these products can be customised.

Due to physical limits and limits in the manufacturing process efficiency of high CRI LEDs can not reach values (lm/W) as common LED sources. However the luminaires efficiency can be increased significantly by using highly efficient peripheral components, such as

  • highly efficient heat dissipation,
  • highly efficient secundary optics,
  • highly efficient reflectors and (beam shaping) diffusors,
  • highly efficient drivers.

For our own luminaire designs we consequently use best available components and serve 7 years warranty.




  • panel light, for example for show cases,
  • linear light,
  • spotlight and track lights, 
  • always taking account of individual requirements, such as anti-glaring, VOC-free designs, little heat dissipation, really 100% UV-free light and others.



  • linear light, spotlight for presentation of goods,
  • for food retail with specific color shift (meat, cheese, milk, vegetables),
  • with sufficient and easy to replace retail specific optics and beam shapes.


film and photography studios

  • spotlight with highest possible CRI, 
  • flicker free driven,
  • studio specific beam management.


medical engineering

  • linear light and spot light for working areas and desks in laboratories,
  • general lighting for dental and doctor's surgeries and offices.


printing work shops

  • high CRI general lighting luminaires,
  • easy to replace lamps (bulbs and tubes).


museum specific wireless dimmer

hardware & software

special driver designs


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