museum specific wireless LED controller


dim-controller for museum light




  • 100% safe against manipulation, unique 12-bit-verification,
  • wireless dimming with smartphone/tablet,
  • free app,
  • export of dim values in xls file for documentation,
  • flash memory,
  • auto recovery after electricity cut,
  • built in potentiometers for manual dimming,
  • one interface (tablet/smartphone) communicates with up to 128 controllers simultaniously,
  • simple installation (connect between existent driver and LEDs), no additional power supply and cables required,
  • very small and light weight, 
  • unique driver design: provides constant current and constant voltage in one device, compatible with any LEDs (200mA...1050mA and 9...30VDC),
  • reduces space requirement for drivers and cables up to 90%, very suitable for show-cases with limited space,
  • suitable for spot light, linear light and panel light,
  • up to 280W output,
  • highly efficient and reliable and maintenance free,
  • app design and electronics can be customised to fit any requirement. 


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designed for museum light and easy like a toy

the easiest and securest way to dim LED light in show cases


can dim any type of LEDs, even mixed types with a single device


dim the whole museum with one interface and a big numbers f channels with a little number of devices 


museum specific wireless dimmer

hardware & software

special driver designs


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